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Nina Kauffman is a queer New York-based artist of many hyphens; a bookwriter-lyricist-composer-director-choreographer-producer-actor-dramaturg-teacher. She hails from Baltimore, where she graduated from Towson University with a BFA in acting; additionally she premiered her first musical at Towson entitled Mixed Media. Nina moved to New York in 2015, and graduated with an MFA from NYU in Musical Theatre Writing, where she wrote two full-length musicals, Naught (co-book/lyrics) with Andrew Drannon and Gregory F. Jackson and PARANORMATIVE (book/lyrics) with Thomas Jacobsen, in addition to her song cycle, A Different Point of View. Nina’s goal as a writer is to capture a raw, visceral energy in the creation of story-telling, and translate that energy from pen, to paper, to stage. From moments of momentum to minutiae, she works to find new ways of captivating audiences through a non-traditional lens of musical theatre. She earned the Mel Silverman Award for her twenty-minute musical, The Boy Who Cried 'Succubus'! Off-Broadway credits include Afterglow (assistant director and co-dramaturg), as well as a musical reading performance of PARANORMATIVE at the Kraine Theater. Nina additionally records a weekly podcast with Janelle Maire called “Lemon & Ginger,” in which they discuss being queer-womxn writers (with many hyphens) in NYC.

"Idealist Day" hosted by  The Artist Co-Op , and co-sponsored by  Muse-Match ,  Broadway Unlocked , and  Ring of Keys

"Idealist Day" hosted by The Artist Co-Op, and co-sponsored by Muse-Match, Broadway Unlocked, and Ring of Keys

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PARANORMATIVE featured in "songs by us" concert at Joe's Pub


An evening of work written and performed by women and trans musical theatre artists

Starting in 2016, MTF launched a new lineup of Representation Roundtables. Facilitated by Andi Lee Carter, this Roundtable provides a forum for female, trans*, and gender queer musical theatre creators in which they can present their work for feedback as well as discuss issues facing representation within the musical theatre community.


Date: April 30

Time: 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

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MTF@Joe's PubRepresentation Roundtables


Broadway Shockers 2017: Afterglow Becomes Sleeper Hit of the Off-Broadway Season


Who would have thought that a little gay drama that opened at the height of Pride season would still be around come New Year? But three extensions later, that is undeniably the case for S. Asher Gelman’s Afterglow, off-Broadway’s sleeper hit about sleeping around.

Dimitri Moise, Matt McLean, and More Star in World Premiere Reading Of 'PARANORMATIVE' At The Kraine Theater

BROADWAY WORLD | Oct 2017 | by BWW Desk

WARNING: This comedy horror musical contains strong language, adult themes, ghostly copulation, Kathy Lee Gifford, loose limbs, body fluids and a participatory drinking game (not mutually exclusive... wink).

PARANORMATIVE the musical will have its' public reading performance debut on the eve of Halloween. Book & Lyrics by Nina Kauffman, Music by Thomas Jacobsen, Directed by Nick Corely, and Music Directed by Gillian Berkowitz.

Photo Flash: AFTERGLOW Celebrates 100 Performances Off-Broadway

BROADWAY WORLD | Sept 2017 | by BWW Desk


The Off-Broadway hit, AFTERGLOW...

...written and directed by S. Asher Gelman, celebrated its 100th performance over the weekend. AFTERGLOW has enjoyed two extensions and recently opened-up a new block of tickets through November 19, 2017 at The Loft at The Davenport Theatre (354 West 45 St). BroadwayWorld has photos from the festivities below!



From the second the curtain drops to reveal three completely naked men onstage, it’s clear “Afterglow” will be a must-see among New York theatergoers who appreciate the male form.

“I think we got to the theater a lot of the time to escape our reality and be transported somewhere else for a couple of hours, and then we leave the theater and maybe we’ve had a great experience, but ultimately it doesn’t affect us,” he said. “I want to continue to create art that makes us think, puts us in uncomfortable situations and forces us to have a difficult conversation, whatever that may be.”





Book & Lyrics by Nina Kauffman
Music by Thomas Jacobsen

WARNING: This comedy horror musical contains strong language, adult themes, a satirical commentary on "Bro Culture," ghostly copulation, Kathy Lee Gifford, loose limbs, body fluids and a participatory drinking game (not mutually exclusive... wink). 

PARANORMATIVE is a comedy musical about the horrors of adulthood. The story follows a luckless, loveable (spineless) twenty-something, Paulie, who joins "The Ghost Mastuhz," a paranormal investigation Youtube show starring his older outlandish brother, Tommy. Their services are requested with the promise of a real haunting, but when they arrive, they find much more than they bargained for... through a terrifying night of mischief and plenty’a murder, Paulie is able to muster the courage to make his own decisions in life.

One Act, approx. 100 minutes
7-11 actors needed

"Something Happened In There"
"Everything Happens for Reason/Touch My Plasma Parts"
"Provocate Me"

Featuring the talents of Dimitri Moise (Book of Mormon, Broadway), Matt McLeanKatie EmersonPatty Nieman (Little Night Music, Theatre Works), Beth Kirkpatrick (Les Mis, Broadway), Kurt Robbins (Millie Broadway National Tour), Forest VanDyke, Cam Cote, Kelly Plescia, Veronica Thompson, and Scottie Hawley.

use succubus.jpg

The Boy Who Cried 'Succubus'!

Book & Lyrics by Nina Kauffman
Music by Spencer Robelen

It's Friday night, and two bros, Brandon and Guy, are cruisin' for some chicks. But when Brandon finds the girl of his dreams, Guy warns him that he may have actually found a she-demon instead. 

The Boy Who Cried 'Succubus!' is a funny, sexy, scary twenty minute musical dealing with the sexual politics of dating and getting exactly what you wish for...with dire consequences.

One act, approx. 20 minutes
3 actors needed


Book & Lyrics by Nina Kauffman & Gregory F. Jackson
Music by Andrew Drannon

naught photo.JPG

Naught is an electronic musical adaptation of Kurt Vonnegut's short story “2 B R Ø 2 B.”

In the year 2043, Dr. Cole Obsidian developed “The Infinity Program,” offering one thousand lucky citizens of the United States the opportunity of an “endless lifetime.” These newly immortal beings pledged themselves to a new world governed by science.  War, famine, and poverty belonged to the old world, outside. In order to gain immortality, each participant was required to relinquish their mortal lives. Protected from the maladies of a dying planet, they lived in solitude of the New World, where over the years, the population was capped at forty-thousand people. No one wants to die, therefore no one can be born. To bring a child into the New World, someone must volunteer of their own free will to die.

This large-scale, ensemble driven sci-fi drama follows Ahnah and Reed, a young couple who despite everything against them, decide to become pregnant. They discover they’re having triplets. How far will they go, and what sacrifices will they make to bring their children into the world, and restore natural order to the Universe?

One Act, approx. 90 minutes
6-12 actors needed

Selections from Naught


NYC-based artists and friends, & their many hyphens


Thomas Jacobsen

Composer - Director - Educator

Gregory F. Jackson

Bookwriter/Lyricist - Stage Manager - Sound Designer - Sass Queen

Kate Lumpkin

Casting Director (Resident for MTF, Kate Lumpkin Casting) - Coach

Mx. Scottie Hawley

Composer - Vocal Coach (Owner of All Voices + Musics) - Music Director

Janelle Lawrence

Bookwriter/Lyricist - Composer - Producer - Choreographer - Etc.

Spencer Robelen

Composer - Violinist - Playwright

s. asher gelman

Director - Choreographer - Playwright - Producer

Rachel Dean

Composer - Pianist - Music Director

Michael Perrie Jr. 

Playwright - Composer - Actor - Director - Musician


Lacy Reily

Director - Choreographer - Company Manager - Actor

Laura Malseed

Stage Manager - Production Manager

Zoe Kanter

Singer - Actor - Music Teacher

Casey O'Neil

Composer - Lyricist - Writer - Woodworker

Taylor Ybarra

Artist - Producer

Brandon Haagenson

Actor - Singer - Dancer

Gianni Onori

Composer - Lyricist

Mike Ross

Writer - Dramaturg

Molly Reisman

Writer - Producer - Actor

Abraham Marlett

Stage Manager - Proud Guinea Pig Dad


Nina Kauffman and Janelle Lawrence are two musical writers-directors-choreographers-producers-actors-etc. in NYC. They've got a lot of hyphens and a lot of opinions.

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On this episode, we talk with special guest AriDy Nox, a self-diagnosed creativity addict-storyteller-empathy ninja-healer-afrofuturist-womanist. We discuss her current projects, and writing about autonomy, empathy, and what it means to be a person.


28381193_10212201333808345_1424663703_n (1).jpg

Episode 2: After You

Special guests Gregory F. Jackson and Spencer Robelen discuss their collaborative process of writing a queer love story about a man who loses his husband, and the journey he takes to cope with his grief, move on, and open up his heart to new opportunities. 

Episode 2: Extras

Humble beginnings. Radio plays. Graduate School. Tattoos. Queer stories. Here's some extras from episode 2!